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About Fatima

Fatima Acuña earned her Bachelor of Secondary Education, Major in Physics from Bicol University in Legazpi City.

She was a Department of Science and Technology scholar throughout college.

She is a licensed, professional teacher in the Philippines.

She taught in a government secondary school for almost five years before she joined her husband to work as an OFW in Singapore.

Equipped with all the lessons she has learned from her journey as an OFW, she wrote this book to give hope and courage to all OFWs to come home and reunite with their loved ones.

She believes that OFWs should not go home defeated, old, weak and broke.

Because OFWs are modern heroes, they deserve to finish strong and come home as winners.

  • OFW in Singapore

    Joined her husband in Singapore and left her teaching career in Philippines. She had difficulty looking for a good-paying job in Singapore.

  • Wrong Mindset

    She had a hard time trying to figure out what is wrong with how they are handling their finances. She also struggled with her self-confidence and became too pessimistic. 

  • 10-year-old Debt

    She realized they inherited a huge debt via credit card and personal loan. And her husband couldn't bear all the burdens with the financial problem and even their marriage is becoming an issue.

  • Discovery

    She started to look for answers online and eventually found out about Bro. Bo's teachings about finances and of Truly Rich Club. She created her to share her inspiring stories.

  • Dedication

    Both Fatima and her husband were able to zero out their debt within 15 months only.They are now back in Philippines...They are home for good! And, now...Fatima plans to continue her advocacy and help others achieve their financial goals especially helping fellow Overseas Filipino Workers to Finish Strong with their OFW journey!

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"You Owe it to Yourself to Finish Strong."

- Nick Vujicic

Awesome story. Powerful Lessons. If you want to go home, this is the book to read.
Bro. Bo Sanchez
Best Selling Author
Fatima, an OFW herself, knows and understands what OFWs like her go through. But what made this book highly useful is that she shared practical ways on how OFWs can overcome these struggles.
Ms. Sha Nacino
Best Selling Author of Money & ME

Serious About Going Back Home For Good?


This Book is For You!

Here's 3 Things You'll Learn:

1. Fight the fear of going home as you await for  an unknown future back home

2. Trust the same self that brought you abroad

3. Open your eyes to what you truly deserve

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What People Say About Fatima's Book?

Jun Alde
 Being an OFW myself, this is an inspiring book to read. A "must read" for OFWs or if you have family members who are working and planning to work outside the Philippines. 
Fr. Vincent Sagandoy
 This is a simple inspirational memoir of an OFW who finds getting back home not broken but standing young, strong and victorious as an ultimate goal. 
Fr. Rey Raluto
 This book is a work of an enlightened OFW whose honest chronicles of struggle and hope would lead us to humbly admit the limits of human capacity and to rely on God's grace. The author powerfully reminds us that the survival and success of an OFW is not purely a self-determination but largely depends on the divine providence. Let us move on with our faith in God! 
Hershey Regaya
 The author offers personal stories of the ups and downs encountered by the family, and a first-hand account on how she overcame the seemingly insurmountable challenges with clear tips and steps. It reminds us that sometimes we have to go far and wide to chase our dreams only to find out that its fulfillment is right at home. 
Lucia Ruiz
 A daily reminder to keep your focus on the prize - to act now and act daily...Oftentimes, these small actions will bring in the goal of complete financial freedom together with your loved ones. 
Medz Pedrosa Macasaet
 It shows the blood and sweat experiences of most OFWs, money mistakes and ways of dealing with it. 
Gary D Flores
 This is a guide I'm truly happy to learn and follow.Fatima's book is one of a kind and I'm so blessed to have read her book. 
Tin Guevarra, MD
 An inspiring piece that goes straight to the heart as it leads Overseas Filipino Workers back to where all hopes and dreams come from Home. 

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